Ja Shin Do Shadow Sparring Patterns

Third Kub Form (Purple Belt)

Last updated 2 December 2001


1. Step right leg back S. to left fwd stance facing N. with wedging block (right arm behind left).

2. Grab assailant's head with both hands; yank down while shaking upward knee strike with right top of knee (base of femur). Slide fingers around to ears (or hold hair) and shove head back plunging thumbs into eyes with outward twist on both wrists while coming down fwd into right fwd st. Assailant pushed away to the N.

3. Left double back kick: front kick to N., back kick to back (S)(both kicks mp height); step left foot down to S. into right back stance facing S. with left back fist to S (assailant attacking from the side).

4.Right double back kick: front kick to S, back kick to N. (both kicks m.p.); step right foot down to N. into left back stance facing N. with right back fist to N (assailant attacking from the side).

5. Pull right foot back to left and stomp with right sidekick edge to instep of assailant very close in (trapping range) to the E. simultaneous with right elbow point strike to solar plexus of same assailant.

6. Shake right sudo strike from there down to groin. Pull right foot in to cat stance for right sudo collarbone strike from above, adding shake as second speed for straight line shake--release after circling up. Keep left hand active with each move.

7. Turn body E. and then step out E. to right fwd st. with left uppercut to the ribs. Short, straight line.

8. Draw left foot in turning CCW to W. and stomp instep of trapping range assailant to the W. with left sidekick edge with simultaneous left elbow to solar plexus of same assailant.

9. Shake left sudo strike from elbow strike position down to groin. Pull left foot in to cat stance with left sudo to pick up line and add shake for left collar bone strike.

10. Pull left foot in turning to prepare and then step out to the W. to left fwd st with right uppercut to ribs.

11. Turn CCW pulling in right foot and lifting to prepare for right sidekick to the W. Kick right m.p. sidekick W. Step right foot down near left and pick up left foot turning CW to prepare for left sidekick to W. Left m.p sidekick to W. Then step left foot down near right foot turning CW to E. and step right foot out E. to right fwd st with R. overhead block.

12. Pick left foot up and front kick m.p. to E. then immediate back kick to W. then after retract of back kick step left foot forward (E) to left fwd st with double roundhouse punches to the face (prepare at the two sides).

13. Pull right foot in and then out to S. for right sudo side strike in horse stance (eyes S., ventral E.).

14. Pull right foot back to left and execute R back kick m.p. to W (eyes look W at assailant) immediately followed by R upwards knee strike to E (on retract of the back kick) with grab (eyes look E to assailant). After knee strike, step right foot back to W. forming left fwd st, ventral E., eyes W., while executing R. elbow point backwards strike to W. Immediately turn head to E. and execute double punch to E. still in left fwd st. Punch is R,L.

15. Pull right foot in, turn CW and look W, lift right foot to prepare for knee height sidekick. Step out to right fwd st. facing W. with double block-punch (right outside forearm side block, left reverse punch to solar plexus). One shake, two impacts.

16. Pull left foot in and m.p back kick to the E (eyes E). Retract into upwards knee strike to W (eyes W) with grab and then step left foot back to E. to right fwd stance, ventral W. eyes E., with left elbow point backwards strike to E. Immediately turn head back to W. for double punch LR to solar plexus.

17. Pull left foot up to prepare for knee height sidekick to E. Kick, retract, step down to E. into left fwd stance with double block-punch: left side block with outside forearm, right reverse solar plexus punch. One shake.

18. Pull left foot in to prepare for left overhead block to N. stepping out to left fwd stance with block.

Step back to goman.