Ja Shin Do Test Requirements

Test for 3th Kub (Purple Belt)

Last updated 24 June 2000

In advance:

1. Teaching Ja Shin Do 30 minutes--tester designed teaching plan geared to actual students in the class.

2. Participation in film discussion classes; showing ability to connect plot and modeling in film with Artemis philosophy and martial arts training appropriate to purple belt level.

3. Ja Shin Do self designed private lessons (aka self designed workouts) and self evaluations up to date and showing teaching and analyis skill appropriate to purple belt level.

4. Leading discussion 20 minutes on tester designed topic; aspect of Artemis analysis.


On test:

1. 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th group forms.

2. Kicks:

a. skipping side kick;
b. turning back kick;
c. short roundhouse kick;
d. double side kick from forward stance and from cat stance;
e. inside to outside crescent kick;
f. outside to inside crescent kick.

3. 2 step sparring: three new counters.

4. Free-sparring. Ideally, three different opponents.

5. Breaking: 2 boards with technique not yet used.