Ja Shin Do Test Requirements

Test for 6th Kub (Orange Belt)

Last updated 24 June 2000

In advance:

1. Teaching 15 minutes front kick from scratch.

2. Participation in film discussion classes; showing ability to connect plot and modeling in film with Artemis philosophy and martial arts training appropriate to orange belt level.

3. Ja Shin Do self designed private lessons (aka self designed workouts) and self evaluations up to date and showing teaching and analysis skill appropriate to orange belt level.

4. Leading discussion 15 minutes on five lines of self defense.

5. Checkout on Callanetics leg-ups (100).

6. Checkout on knuckleholds (1 minute).

7. Checkout on knifehand brick strike.

8. Good straight shake into forward stance (same arm and leg punch).

9. Good palm heel hand and knife hand weapon shapes.


On test:

1. 8th, 7th group forms.

2. Kicks:

a. front kick to solar plexus from forward stance;
b. sidekick holding the barre;
c. sidekick crossing behind in horse stance.

3. Free-sparring. Ideally, three different opponents.

4. Breaking: 1 board palm heel strike.