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Green Lion Press is a small publishing company owned and operated by two independent scholars in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our specialty is providing access to original source texts in history of science, history of mathematics, and history of ideas. We are committed to producing high quality books at reasonable prices.

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About the Green Lion and its Caregivers

Green Lion Press caregivers The Green Lion lives with its caregivers in its lair in the mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico. Its tawny mountain lion cousins can be seen on the next ridge. Coyotes sing nightly outside the window, undoubtedly wishing they could be as green, as feline, and as alchemically powerful as our handsome beast.

The Green Lion's caregivers, William H. Donahue and Dana Densmore, are independent scholars whose special interests are the primary texts in history of science, history of mathematics, and history of ideas. They have studied and taught these texts at St. John's College and elsewhere and since 1995 have been designing and producing the books they love.

The Green Lion is also lovingly cared for by Associate Editor Howard J. Fisher.

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What's New from Green Lion Press

Our most recent publication:

Oxygen, Acids, and Water:
Eight Chapters from the Elementary Treatise on Chemistry

A Science Classics Module for Humanities Studies

by Antoine Lavoisier
Edited by Howard J. Fisher
New translation by Chester Burke and Matthew Holtzman

Lavoisier Module coverOne of the most revolutionary scientific works ever written, and also one of the most accessible, Lavoisier's Elementary Treatise on Chemistry established the constancy of weight in chemical reactions, revealed the composition of water, and set forth a clear concept of the nature of gases.

This newest addition to the Green Cat series of Modules contains the first eight chapters of the Treatise, with extensive explanatory notes by Howard Fisher, based upon many years of studying the book with nonspecialist students.

Also new:

Astronomia Nova

by Johannes Kepler

Translated by William H. Donahue

Astronomia Nova coverSecond edition, completely revised, of the only English translation of Kepler's entire 1609 masterpiece. A work of astonishing originality, Astronomia Nova stands, with Copernicus's De Revolutionibus and Newton's Principia, as one of the founding texts of the scientific revolution. Kepler revolutionized astronomy by insisting that it be based upon physics rather than ideal geometrical models. Includes many new features, including a comprehensive index.

Euclid's Elements Book One with Questions for Discussion

Edited with Questions for Discussion by Dana Densmore

A Green Cat Book

Euclid Module coverThe opening book of Euclid's classic, for study of Euclid in the context of the humanities. Book One is a beautiful and coherent composition, moving in sometimes surprising ways to a very satisfying end. It is deeply rewarding to readers who are ready to go beyond merely following step by step, who are interested in why this step here, how learning and discovery happen, and what a particular proof shows us about what it means for things to be the same or different.

Maxwell's Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism: the Central Argument

by Howard J. Fisher

Maxwell's Treatise: The Central ArgumentcoverNow Shipping

This book guides the reader through Maxwell's distinctive mathematical treatment of what he took to be the principal topics in electricity and magnetism. It identifies the central thrust of the argument in Maxwell's Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, beginning with fundamental electrical and magnetic experiments and culminating in the electromagnetic theory of light.


Almagest cover
The Almagest: Introduction to the Mathematics of the Heavens

By Claudius Ptolemy.
Selections translated by Bruce M. Perry.
Edited with notes by William H. Donahue.

A new translation of selections of Ptolemy's Almagest, with notes to assist a nonspecialist readership. Designed as a text for use in courses, it contains extensive introductions to the celestial phenomena and to Ptolemy's world system, as well as preliminaries to the individual books of the Almagest. The selection includes Ptolemy's presentation of the form of the universe, the mathematical tools necessary to construct planetary theories, and the theories of the sun, Venus, Mars, together with an account of retrograde motion and the procedure for computing planetary positions for any date. This selection constitutes a lucid introduction to Ptolemy's extraordinarily powerful constructions and his amazingly sophisticated mathematical methods. (more info)