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Kafir Yaroq books

Kafir Yaroq ("young green lion" in Hebrew) offers books for the study of source texts of the Hebrew tradition. It is an imprint of Green Lion Press, an established high quality academic publisher that for over twenty years has been providing access to sources in history of science and history of mathematics. Green Lion books are known for quality of editing, scholarly attention to detail, and uncompromising production values.

Kafir Yaroq Books publishes books of similar quality supporting study of Hebrew texts, particularly the Biblical corpus, maintaining the same high design and production standards that characterize Green Lion publications.

Our goal is to open up the delights of the Biblical Hebrew language and the Biblical text itself to readers who may have been dissatisfied or misled by tendentious or flattened English translations, or who have perhaps just never looked closely enough to notice the hidden treasures.

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What's New from Kafir Yaroq Books

Our most recent publication:

The Lion and the Ass: Reading Genesis After Babylon

The Book of Genesis with a Running Commentary

by Robert D. Sacks

Lion and Ass coverWith characteristic boldness, Robert Sacks offers a narrative path through themes, events, and actions in Genesis that repeatedly find their parallels and consequences in later books of the Torah and the Early Prophets. In light of the compelling unity these patterns convey, Sacks proposes to view Genesis not only as the first of the Five Books of Moses (the Torah), but as the opening work of a single composition consisting of Genesis through II Kings. read more...


More from Kafir Yaroq Books:

Reb Zalman Gathers Figs

by Dana Densmore

A study of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's reading of Biblical text to re-vision Judaism for the present day--from an unpublished and nearly unknown set of teachings of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, based on his readings of the Torah, the Hebrew Bible. This material, which exists only as voice recordings, is the sole sustained example of Schachter-Shalomi's approach to scriptural interpretation, published or unpublished.


Beginning Biblical Hebrew:
Intentionality and Grammar

by Robert D. Sacks

Beginning Biblical Hebrew cover

The most delightfully eccentric and daringly philosophic Hebrew grammar since Spinoza’s Compendium of the Hebrew Language.





The Book of Job: A New Translation with In-Depth Commentary

by Robert D. Sacks

Book of Job cover

A new edition of this highly praised work, extensively revised by Dr. Sacks, with expanded commentary expressly designed to provide a window onto the often strange and difficult Hebrew text of Job.