Ja Shin Do Test Requirements

Test for 1st Dan (Black Belt)

Last updated 28 June 2004

In advance:

1. Teaching Ja Shin Do: Teach regular weekly classes. Show ability to work with actual students on on-going basis.

2. Lead film discussion classes; showing ability to connect plot and modeling in film with Artemis philosophy and martial arts training appropriate to 1st Dan level.


On test:

1. 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th,, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st group forms.

2. Kicks:

a. tester-designed kick combination using all kicks;

b. individual kicks:

--front heel kick
--front ball kick
-- sliding front kick;
--front hook kick
--skipping front kick
--short front kick from cat stance
--double front kick (low-high) with back leg
--double front with front leg
--jumping front kick
--flying front kick

--side kick from horse stance
--side kick from forward stance
--short side kick from cat stance
--skipping side kick
--sliding side kick
--double side kick (low-high) with back leg
--double side kick with front leg
--sliding side kick
--skipping side kick
--jump side kick
--flying side kick

--roundhouse knee strike
--roundhouse kick from back stance
--short roundhouse from cat stamce
--skipping roundhouse
--double roundhouse (low front, high round) from backstance, back leg
--double roundhouse from cat stance front leg
--jumping roundhouse
--flying roundhouse

--back kick to the back
--turning back kick
--double back kick

--inside to outside crescent
--outside to inside crescent

--back hook kick stepping in horse stance
--short back hook from cat stance
--skipping back hook kick.

--wheel kick

--spinning heel kick.

3. No-step sparring: four new counters.

4. Free-sparring. Ideally, three different opponents, plus fighting multiple opponents.

5. Breaking: 4 boards (each 1" x 12" x 12", no spacers) with technique of tester's choice.


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