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Ja Shin Do
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Santa Fe students and teachers 20 December 2001.

Ja Shin Do Forms, Kicks, and Test Requirements by Rank

8th Group (White Belt):

8th Group Kicks

8th Group Form

Requirements for 7th Group test (for yellow belt)

7th Group (Yellow Belt):

7th Group Kicks

7th Group Form

Requirements for 6th Group test (for orange belt)

6th Group (Orange Belt):

6th Group Kicks

6th Group Form

Requirements for 5th Group test (for greeen belt)

5th Group (Green Belt):

5th Group Kicks

5th Group Form

Requirements for 4th Group test (for blue belt)

4th Group (Blue Belt):

4th Group Kicks

4th Group Form

Requirements for 3rd Group test (for purple belt)

3rd Group (Purple Belt):

3rd Group Kicks

3rd Group Form

Requirements for 2nd Group test (for red belt)

2nd Group (Red Belt):

2nd Group Kicks

2nd Group Form

Requirements for 1st Group test (for brown belt)

1st Group (Brown Belt):

1st Group Kicks

1st Group Form

Requirements for 1st Dan test (for black belt)

Dana Densmore, Ross Place, 1974

Santa Fe School, January 1997

Special Training June 1997
Foreground: Krishnan Venkatesh and Donna Allen

Test, DC school, 1999
Martha Allen and Dana Densmore

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