Ja Shin Do Test Requirements

Test for 7th Kub (Yellow Belt)

Last updated 28 June 2004

In advance:

1. Teaching Ja Shin Do technique: 10 minutes fist from scratch.

2. Participation in film discussion classes; showing ability to connect plot and modeling in film with Artemis philosophy and martial arts training appropriate to yellow belt level.

3. Ja Shin Do self designed private lessons (aka self designed workouts) and self evaluations up to date and showing teaching and analysis skill appropriate to yellow belt level.

4. Describe five lines of self defense accurately.

5. Define action mind and victim mind accurately.

6. Knuckleholds: 10 seconds

7. Good cross shake to forward stance.

8. Good jumbi: hands and legs.

9. Accurate double side blocks.


On test:

1. 8th group form.

2. Kicks: 2 heights; knee, belt or groin height, tester's choice of two, with accuracy.

--front heel kick
--front ball kick

3. Face reflex training exercise with free movement.

4. Free-sparring. Ideally, three different opponents.

5. Breaking: 1 board elbow outside to inside horizontal.


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