Selections from Newton’s Principia

A Science Classics Module for Humanities Studies

By Dana Densmore
Translations and diagrams by William H. Donahue

7" x 10", 120 pages, glossary and bibliography
Publication date: July 2004.
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Newton's Principia: The Central Argument coverNewton’s new conception of the laws of the universe challenged centuries of received opinion, and laid a new foundation for our “common sense” understanding of the physical world. If you have always wanted to know more about Newton’s achievement but thought it was the exclusive province of experts, this little book will guide you through the essentials of Newton’s argument in his own words and using only elementary mathematics.

Traces the basic development of universal gravitation. Newton's text with notes, commentary, questions for discussion, and additional diagrams. Includes Newton's definitions, laws, scholia, Book I propositions 1 and 4, Rules of Philosophizing, Phenomena, Book III Propositions 1 through 4, and General Scholium.


  • Newton's foundations of physics in his own words.
  • Includes Definitions, "Newton's Laws," and the concluding General Scholium.
  • Traces the basic development of universal gravitation.

Sample pages

Below are links to PDF versions of the Table of Contents, Definitions 1-3, and Book III Phenomenon.
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